John Mecom, Jr. talks Warwick Hotel, fountain and more

John Mecom, Jr.

Our grand finale and final two episodes of Season 2 are with John Mecom, Jr. (episodes 13 and 14) of the iconic Houston Mecom Family.

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The Mecom Fountain, The Warwick Hotel…Dave has waited a long time to share what Bob Hope told him about Mecom’s family hotel.

Get your dose of Houston business acumen this week.

Not only is John W. Mecom Jr. the chairman of his father’s John W. Mecom company, but John also was the youngest owner in the NFL in 1967 when he purchased the New Orleans Saints.

Dave will be talking about the best race car driver in history of the sport, Houston’s own AJ Foyt, with Mecom, a man who knows a thing or two about car racing as owner of Mecom Car Racing. Mecom Racing successfully competed throughout the US with such drivers as Roger Penske, Pedro Rodriguez and Jackie Stewart.

Mecom’s expertise, Houstonian knowledge and pride, and love of sports is near and dear to Dave’s heart. And you’ll learn why when you listen.

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Part 2

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