Mickey Gilley’s tribute


Mickey Gilley appears on Season 2, episode 6 of the “Dave Ward and Friends podcast” in an interview recorded shortly before the country music singer’s death.

In Dave’s final visit with Mickey, the two longtime friends talk about his musical career and start with Conway Twitty, his world famous honkey tonk club “Gilley’s” and its role in “Urban Cowboy,” the movie that put Houston and country music on the international stage.

Mickey Gilley talks Gilley’s & Urban Cowboy

Shara Fryer

Shara Fryer and Dave Ward reunite!

Shara Fryer joins Dave Ward for Season 2, episode 4 and 5 of the “Dave Ward & Friends podcast,” a broadcast reunion 15 years in the making! 

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Neil and Pierce Bush

Neil and Pierce Bush talk politics

Neil and Pierce Bush sit down with Dave on the “Dave Ward & Friends podcast” Season 2, episode 3 to discuss their political and business ventures. 

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Gene Kranz and Dave Ward

Gene Kranz talks Apollo 13 and NASA

Gene Kranz is the real-life NASA Johnson Space Center flight director, who was portrayed by Ed Harris in the Oscar-winning movie ‘Apollo 13.’ 

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Wade Phillips

Wade Phillips talks NFL and Bum

Wade Phillips is a Super Bowl winner and record holder for leading the most teams as Head Coach in NFL history.

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Shara Fryer and Dave Ward

“Dave Ward & Friends” podcast season 2

Dave Ward announced the second season of his podcast and web series, “Dave Ward & Friends,” will premiere March 31st. 

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