Scott & Amiko Kelly talk life in space


Episode 8 of “Dave Ward & Friends” is out of this world as Dave interviews NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and his wife, Amiko, who also worked for the space agency.

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After spending a year on the International Space Station, Scott discusses life without gravity and what’s harder to do in weightlessness.

Plus, Scott talks about the physical effects after returning and what re-entry is like on a Russian Soyuz space capsule! 

And he even answers the question: do cell phones work on the ISS!  

Sean Pendergast

Sean Pendergast: From fan to radio host

Sean Pendergast, SportsRadio 610 KILT morning host , a self-described “radio junkie,” listened obsessively to sports radio stations, even winning “best show caller” awards, but didn’t actually work in broadcasting.  

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Neil and Pierce Bush

Neil & Pierce Bush reveal presidential family life

President George H.W. Bush’s son, Neil, and grandson Pierce, reveal what it was like growing up in the political spotlight as part of the Bush family – from the highs to the lows. 

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Bunny Orsak

Bunny Orsak aka KiTiRiK reunites with Dave Ward

KiTiRiK, who is Bunny Orsak in real-life, talks with Dave Ward about her time as the legendary channel 13 Houston children’s host for 16 years. 

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Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens on what drove him

Roger Clemens discusses his record-breaking collegiate baseball and major league careers. 

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Larry Dierker

Larry Dierker and Jeff Bagwell talk careers

Houston Astros legends Larry Dierker and Jeff Bagwell discuss their respective playing, coaching and broadcasting careers in the fourth episode of the “Dave Ward & Friends” video podcast. 

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