Dave Ward’s year since leaving channel 13

It’s been one year ago to the day since Dave Ward gave his final goodbye on channel 13 KTRK.

And what a year has it been in Dave Ward’s Houston!

Dave donated books to veterans, appeared in a new legal TV campaign, served as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade’s grand marshal, took the Rockets “First Shot”, was profiled in a magazine and shared a nice moment concerning former first lady Barbara Bush.

And even though Dave has been busy around town, Houston TV viewers want him back on their big screen.

“I appreciate all the people who said they have missed me,” Dave said.

It has been no doubt a huge news year since Dave left the anchor desk.

“I missed not being there during Hurricane Harvey, the flood of a century,” Dave admitted. “I missed not being there when the Astros won the Wold Series. How great of them. And now the Rockets are in the playoffs and they are doing great!”

One thing Dave never missed is what many Houstonians must sit through everyday.

“My wife Laura had told me about Houston’s traffic, but I never really realized it,” Dave mused. “I always went into work around one o’clock in the afternoon and I didn’t come home until around eleven o’clock at night. So I never hit rush hour traffic. And now that I get tied up in that rush hour traffic, what a mess! It is no joke. There are just too many cars in this city!”

When not navigating the Bayou City traffic, Dave has been working on his biography. And as he looks back through his life, he is still planning his future, which could always still include television.

“Who knows, I may be back one day,” he added.

We certainly hope he makes his TV return!

"Good Evening, Friends: A Broadcaster Shares His Life"

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