Dave Ward remembers Barbara Bush

As you can see by browsing this very website, Dave Ward has interviewed many influential figures in his five decades as a journalist.

Barbara Bush, former first lady to President George H.W. Bush, was one of those individuals.

“There are few words that adequately express the loss felt by myself and all of the American people,” Dave said. “The entire world is a lesser place without Barbara Bush in it. My long standing relationship with the Bush family has been a real treasure in my life. My deepest condolences go out to Pres. George H.W. Bush and the entire Bush family. Your pain and loss are felt throughout the world today. Rest In Peace, Mrs. Bush. Your legacy will live forever.”

Dave sat down with his former co-anchor, abc13 KTRK’s Gina Gaston, to discuss his fond memories of Mrs. Bush.

“I was surprised and shocked at her passing so soon after that story came out,” Dave tells Gina during the interview. “And we’ve lost a wonderful first lady, I will tell you that. But America is so fortunate that George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush lived and contributed what they did. And our city of Houston is extremely fortunate that they made their home here.”

Dave first met the Bush family matriarch back in the 1960s. This would have been the period when the Bush family was new to Houston and just entering politics.

Fast forward thirty years, Dave and Mrs. Bush were seated together at a charity event. This led to Dave’s mom receiving a surprise letter from Houston’s own former first lady concerning her son.

“She looked over at me and she said, ‘The city of Houston is very fortunate to have your contributions to our city and to the community,'” Dave recalled. “She was very complimentary to me and blew me away…I just remarked to her, ‘Thank you so much. I wish my mother was here to hear what you said.’ And she said, ‘well where does she live at?’ I told her my mother at the time was living in Jacksonville, Texas. She wanted her address. I gave her my mother and father’s address in Jacksonville and I thought, ‘well, she’s a very busy lady. About a week, 10 days later, I get a call from my mother. She got a personal note from first lady Barbara Bush.”

Former first lady Barbara Bush's letter to Dave Ward's mother, Mary.

Former first lady Barbara Bush’s letter to Dave Ward’s mother, Mary.

You can watch the entire interview below.

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