Dave Ward featured in The Buzz Magazines

Check out the nice profile of Dave and Laura Ward by Cathy Gordon in The Buzz Magazine.

It’s great to see how well Dave Ward is recovering after his 2016 heart attack:

The community icon turns 79 next month, but the word “retired” isn’t in his vocabulary.

“He’s back physically 100 percent,” says Laura of her husband, who had a heart attack in November 2016, just months before leaving Channel 13. He underwent an aortic heart valve replacement and double bypass surgery. Three months later, surgeons inserted a pacemaker to ensure normal heart rhythm. “The doctor considers him to be recovered, and Dave certainly feels that way,” his wife says. “He’s back doing all the things he loves to do.”

We also get to learn about some of Ward’s latest projects:

In addition to speaking engagements and a yet-to-be announced project he’s eagerly pursuing, the former anchorman is writing a book about his life and career, something he promised viewers. Jim McGrath, President George H.W. Bush’s post-White House spokesman and speechwriter, co-authors.

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"Good Evening, Friends: A Broadcaster Shares His Life"

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