“Dave Ward & Friends” podcast season 2


Legendary TV personality reclaims the airwaves on March 31 in partnership with Sonic Automotive and Texas Mattress Maker

Shara Fryer and Dave Ward

HOUSTON (March 22, 2022) – Dave Ward, the beloved news anchor that generations of Houston TV viewers grew up watching, announced the second season of his podcast and web series, “Dave Ward & Friends,” will premiere March 31st.

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Presented in partnership with Sonic Automotive and Texas Mattress Makers, the show is a series of casual conversations with friends that the legendary reporter made over his record-breaking 60-year broadcast career.

Season 2 highlights memorable eras in Houston’s history with guests including

  • Country music star Mickey Gilley of “Urban Cowboy” fame
  • NFL coach Wade Phillips, whose father Bum Phillips was a good friend of Dave during the beloved “Luv Ya Blue” days
  • NASA hero Gene Kranz who was forever immortalized in the Oscar-winning film “Apollo 13”
  • Shara Fryer, Dave’s longtime co-anchor and former Good Morning Houston host
  • Don Nelson, former Good Morning Houston host, morning traffic reporter and ABC13 funny-man
  • Charles Earl Spencer, British nobility and brother of the late Diana, Princess of Wales

“Everyone in the Greater Houston area is a friend of mine, and I’m excited to share with them the second season of my podcast,” said Dave Ward. “I still have many stories to share with the community, and by partnering with Sonic Automotive and Texas Mattress Makers, we’re providing listeners with the opportunity to hear these legendary behind-the-scenes accounts from those that made Houston what it is today.”

“Mr. Ward’s family have been customers of our Houston Sonic Automotive dealerships for many years,” said Jeff Dyke, President of Sonic Automotive. “We are excited to support his podcast and promote the launch of our new River Oaks Porsche dealership.”

“Dave and I share a passion for Houston, a city that provided me so much opportunity after moving here from Israel at age 21,” says Youval Meicler, founder of Texas Mattress Makers. “Dave Ward is a legend, and these conversations are part of the fabric of the city we both love. Texas Mattress Makers is proud to support this podcast and bring these historic tales to all Houstonians.”

In 2019, Ward released his memoir entitled, “Good Evening, Friends: A Broadcaster Shares His Life,” which outlines his journey to becoming one of Houston’s most iconic television personalities. Ward hopes that the second season of the podcast will continue to bring words from the pages of his biography to the ears of his many friends throughout Houston.

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To learn more about Texas Mattress Makers, please visit https://www.texasmattressmakers.com. To learn more about the new River Oaks Porsche, visit http://www.porscheriveroaks.com/ward.

Mickey Gilley

Mickey Gilley’s tribute

Mickey Gilley appears on Season 2, episode 6 of “Dave Ward and Friends podcast” in an interview recorded shortly before the country music singer’s death. 

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Shara Fryer

Shara Fryer and Dave Ward reunite!

Shara Fryer joins Dave Ward for Season 2, episode 4 and 5 of the “Dave Ward & Friends podcast,” a broadcast reunion 15 years in the making! 

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Neil and Pierce Bush

Neil and Pierce Bush talk politics

Neil and Pierce Bush sit down with Dave on the “Dave Ward & Friends podcast” Season 2, episode 3 to discuss their political and business ventures. 

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Gene Kranz and Dave Ward

Gene Kranz talks Apollo 13 and NASA

Gene Kranz is the real-life NASA Johnson Space Center flight director, who was portrayed by Ed Harris in the Oscar-winning movie ‘Apollo 13.’ 

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Wade Phillips

Wade Phillips talks NFL and Bum

Wade Phillips is a Super Bowl winner and record holder for leading the most teams as Head Coach in NFL history.

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"Good Evening, Friends: A Broadcaster Shares His Life"

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