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Dave Ward with Dan Pastorini in podcast interview

Dave Ward, America’s longest-running news anchor, announces the launch of his podcast and web series, “Dave Ward & Friends,” presented in partnership with Sonic Automotive and Texas Mattress Makers.

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The show features a series of casual conversations with friends the legendary Houston television anchor has made over his historic 60-year broadcast career.

Listeners of the weekly podcast, airing Thursdays via Apple Podcasts, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, RSS, and Stitcher, can look forward to Ward’s slate of interviews with:

John Mecom, Jr.

John Mecom, Jr. talks Warwick Hotel, fountain and more

Our grand finale and final two episodes of Season 2 are with John Mecom, Jr. (episodes 13 and 14) of the iconic Houston Mecom Family. 

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Don Nelson

Don Nelson

What happens when two legendary, local Houston broadcasters get together with a combined on-air experience of almost 100 years!? 

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Calvin Murphy and Bill Worrell

Calvin Murphy and Bill Worrell

Dave Ward & Friends Season 2 talks with Calvin Murphy and Bill Worrell about their long history with the Houston Rockets and broadcasting Houston sports.  

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Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry talks trains

Dave Ward is joined by Patrick Henry, owner of Patrick Henry Creative Promotions. 

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Charles Spencer

English historian Charles Spencer

In honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, this week’s episode features bestselling author and English historian, Charles Spencer. 

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“Everyone in the Greater Houston area is a friend of mine, and I’m excited that this podcast will allow me to greet them on the airwaves once again,” said Dave Ward. “I still have many stories to share with the community, and by partnering with Sonic Automotive, we’re providing listeners with the opportunity to hear from me and my guests in a new format.”

“Sonic Automotive is proud to support the Dave Ward & Friends Podcast,” said Jeff Dyke, President of Sonic Automotive. “Mr. Ward’s family has been a customer of our Houston dealerships for many years, and we are proud to support his podcast which will produce interesting and innovative content for Houstonians to enjoy.”

“Dave and I share a passion for Houston, a city that provided me so much opportunity after moving here from Israel at age 21,” says Youval Meicler, founder of Texas Mattress Makers. “Dave Ward is a legend, and these conversations are part of the fabric of the city we both love. Texas Mattress Makers is proud to support this podcast and bring these historic tales to all Houstonians.”

In 2019, Ward released his memoir entitled, “Good Evening, Friends: A Broadcaster Shares His Life,” in which he outlines his journey to becoming one of Houston’s most iconic television personalities.

Ward hopes that with the launch of his new podcast, he will also bring words from the pages of his biography to the ears of his many friends throughout Houston.

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"Good Evening, Friends: A Broadcaster Shares His Life"

Learn more about Dave Ward's biography.