Dave Ward’s audio book

Ken Hoffman and Dave Ward

Here by popular demand is the Audible version of Dave Ward’s biography  Good Evening, Friends: A Broadcaster Shares His Life.

Now you can hear Dave read his memoir to you as an audio book!

CultureMap columnist Ken Hoffman sat down with Dave and discussed several of the book’s most memorable sections, including professional highlights and personal missteps.

“I always tried to get the facts straight and get both sides of any issue,” Ward says of any similarities between himself and Cronkite. “Let the viewers decide what’s important.”

There are now multiple ways of buying Dave’s book.

You can purchase it online, with Dave Ward’s autograph, the Kindle version and the Audible version. Click here to purchase all of these options.

In addition to hearing Dave, you will also be able to see him as a featured author at this year’s Texas Book Festival (October 26-27), as well as the Galveston Island Book Festival (October 12) and Kinkaid Book Fair (November 11). See more about Dave Ward’s book signings.

“Good Evening, Friends: A Broadcaster Shares His Life” is packed with eyewitness stories about the U.S. space program, the Vietnam and Middle East wars, multiple presidential campaigns, one presidential assassination, and the rise to world prominence of his beloved hometown, Houston.” ~Ken Hoffman, CultureMap

"Good Evening, Friends: A Broadcaster Shares His Life"

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