Houston monorail at Fondren and Main

This clip from the channel 13 archive is from October 9, 1964.

It shows the Houston monorail located back then at Fondren and Main.

You can read the name "Goodell monorail" in one of the old film clips.

The station reports that this monorail made its debut February 18, 1956. Starting from Arrowhead Park where Houstonians raced cars, the third of a mile long track went 10 mph and only moved passengers for seven months or so.

The monorail was then moved to Dallas for the State Fair of Texas remaining at Fair Park until 1964.

So the question is, why was the monorail apparently back in Houston in 1964?

Was it back in southwest Houston as its final resting place or until those responsible figured something else to do with it?

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