Laura Ward released from hospital

Update April 24, 2020

Dave Ward has been hospitalized

UPDATE 4/6/2020

‪”Laura was just released from the hospital! The nurses stood up and gave her a standing O. It was very emotional.

The nurses, doctors and staff at Methodist Hospital really deserve a standing ovation. I can never thank them enough.” – Dave


3-31-2020: Dave says Laura is out of the ICU. Thank you for your prayers.

Dave Ward told abc13 KTRK audiences that his wife, Laura, is in the hospital battling double pneumonia:

“I’ve never asked anything of our viewers,” he told ABC13 anchor Tom Abrahams during a FaceTime conversation. “But I am asking now for all our viewers to say a prayer for my wife Laura. She really needs it. I’ve been praying nonstop. She really needs prayers right now. The power of prayer is amazing.”

Laura felt sick on Monday, March 23, and drove herself to the hospital, where Dave said the doctors treating her called it a, “classic COVID pneumonia” even though tests for COVID-19 were negative. She is in intensive care and cannot receive visitors or gifts, but Dave said she is receiving excellent care.

“I’m doing pretty good and the rest of my family seems to be all right,” he said. “I’m just very concerned about Laura.”

– abc13 KTRK

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