Dave Ward's Houston

Dave Ward’s Houston on abc13 KTRK explores the people, places and events that make this city so special.


Dave Ward helps turn on ’13’ KTRK tower lights

To celebrate abc13 KTRK’s 65th birthday, Dave Ward helped turn on the station’s iconic “13” tower light. 

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KiTiRiK tells all to Dave Ward

Dave Ward sits down with former Houston children’s show host Kitirik (aka Bunny Orsak). 

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Galveston’s 1900 Storm remembered

Back in 1900, Galveston was nicknamed the “Wall Street of the South.” 

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Houston Methodist Hospital has been saving lives for 100 years

Houston Methodist Hospital began as a small clinic run out of Dr. Oscar Norsworthy’s house in 1919. 

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Lone Star Flight Museum

Dave visits the Lone Star Flight Museum at Ellington Airport. 

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Houston’s James Coney Island 96 years strong

JCI Grill, the Houston hot dog chain is celebrating 96 years, at its 17 locations. 

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Cafe Texan in downtown Huntsville

Dave returns to Huntsville where he grew up, to visit Cafe Texan. 

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Ted Oberg wins Dave Ward Media Excellence Award

The following is a transcript of the speech Dave Ward gave at the Crime Stoppers Houston’s Heroes Awards Luncheon. 

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Bryan Museum shows Texas history in Galveston

The Bryan Museum in Galveston offers a chronological history of Texas and the American West. 

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James Baker on 25 years at the Baker Institute

Catch Dave’s riveting conversation with James Baker III about his relationship with Presidents Bush and Reagan. 

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