Ted Koppel and Dave Ward
Ted Koppel and Dave Ward
“At a time when so many journalists are being denounced as ‘enemies of the people,’ I imagine that the entire population of Houston will testify that Dave Ward is a friend of theirs — as he is of mine.” ~ Ted Koppel
“I could not be happier to recommend this book by a true Texas legend, a guy who did it his way—the right way. No one has ever covered Houston like Dave Ward, and no one ever will. I am proud to call him my brother, and after you read this book you’ll feel like he’s your brother too.” ~Dan Pastorini
“Dave Ward, as long as I can recall, has been one of the most trusted figures I have ever seen on television. You couldn’t find anyone who exuded more integrity and goodwill on a community than Dave has done for all those years in Houston. He really has been that trusted face and voice in that great city for so long — longer than anyone who has been behind an anchor desk. Good Evening, Friends helps you understand how and why.” ~CBS Sports Anchor Jim Nantz
“An entertaining, revealing read that Ward fans will scoop up with enthusiasm.” ~Shelby Hodge, PaperCity
“Good Evening, Friends: A Broadcaster Shares His Life” is packed with eyewitness stories about the U.S. space program, the Vietnam and Middle East wars, multiple presidential campaigns, one presidential assassination, and the rise to world prominence of his beloved hometown, Houston.” ~Ken Hoffman, CultureMap
“Delightfully reading my friend, Dave Ward’s EXTRAORDINARY book chronicling his extraordinary life. Go out and get your copy, it’s a must read!” ~Neal Hamil
“It captures the heart of Houston and the man who has told its stories, investigated its problems and presented news in a clear and unbiased way over 60 years of constant change.” ~Covering Katy
“The man who has for so long told the stories of others on KTRK in Houston is now telling his own stories: interviewing a young George H.W. Bush about “hippies,” announcing to radio listeners that their president, John F. Kennedy, had been shot and killed, and about his life growing up in Huntsville, Texas.” ~ KBTX-TV

"Good Evening, Friends: A Broadcaster Shares His Life"

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