Roger Clemens on what drove him

Roger Clemens discusses his record-breaking collegiate baseball and major league careers.

He is the only pitcher in history to win 7 Cy Young Awards, record over 350 wins and strikeout over 4,500 batters.

In the fifth episode of the “Dave Ward & Friends” podcast, “The Rocket” goes way back to his childhood move to Texas and the takeaways from his upbringing that drove him to become an MLB legend.

Roger talks about his love for history and the poem his mother wrote him about Fenway Park when he was drafted by the Red Sox and pitching an exhibition game at the Astrodome.

He lights up talking about playing in the same parks as heroes Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, and DiMaggio, to name a few, but ever the competitor, he still throws extra against his childhood hero, Reggie Jackson.

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