Jeff Bagwell on Dave Ward & Friends podcast

Jeff Bagwell is the special guest on the second episode of “Dave Ward & Friends.” The legendary Houston TV anchor sits down with his friend and Houston Astros Hall of Fame first baseman! 

The episode starts with Dave’s personal revelation about his heart attack and the ‘ride-or-die’ friend who got him out of bed and coached him to his first lap down the hall since his brush with death, Jeff Bagwell.

Jeff talks about what he thought of Houston before arriving as a young rookie from Boston, and how his rookie career developed with teammates along the way. The two remember the Houston Astrodome and Dave asks how Bagwell liked playing there.

Dave remembers how Jeff predicted to him that the 2017 team would win the franchise’s first World Series, and Jeff reveals that team’s distinguishing characteristics that led him to that prediction. 

Jeff also talks about the team’s current skipper, Dusty Baker, his longtime teammate, the great Craig Biggio, and his Hall of Fame induction.

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