How Foley’s celebrated Christmas in Houston

Houston Foley’s downtown department store, started a holiday tradition which still exists to this day

Foley’s opened its doors in 1947 and created one of Houston’s most popular holiday traditions in 1950.

At the time, Foley’s was one of the city’s largest department stores. To help get the city ready for Christmas, it sponsored Santa’s ride from Union Station to its downtown store at 1110 Main.

The following year, that ride transformed into a full Thanksgiving Day parade. A Bayou City tradition which continues to this day.

Just as popular, were Foley’s fully decorated, animated window holiday displays.

Families from all around Texas, including mine, made the journey to downtown Houston just to see these magnificent displays.

In 2006, the Foley’s name was changed to Macy’s after an ownership change. The downtown Houston Macy’s continued operation until March of 2013. The building has since been demolished.

Now Foley’s is long gone, but a generation of new Houstonians continue with 21st century traditions you’ll learn about in the above video!

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