Don Nelson recalls his Rockets head shave

Dave caught up with a familiar face the other day and the talk turned to the Houston Rockets. Don Nelson, former Good Morning Houston host and all around utility guy at abc13 KTRK, recalled the time he said the Houston Rockets couldn’t beat the Phoenix Suns during the 1995 playoffs.

Well, a bet was made, and if Don was wrong, then his head was getting shaved on live TV.

Here is what Don told Dave:

“It was on the road so the odds of that happening were slim to none. It was so funny because my daughter, Erin, was graduating from UT and the guy next to me goes, ‘Well are you going to do it?’ We went back to the hotel, watched the game, and Gina Gaston was dating Mario Elie at the time. And he jacks that three and I’m going, ‘Oh, it’s over!’ And as soon as I got back, there were phone calls and boy, the next day on the news it was “brrrr [making razor sound and gesturing cutting his hair off]. The one thing I learned about not having hair, you know what the weather is going to be before anyone else does.”

Dave and his wife, Laura, were with Don and his wife, Margaret, celebrating don’s birthday and his and Margaret’s wedding anniversary.

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