Dan Pastorini talks ‘Luv Ya Blue’

Dan Pastorini, Oilers quarterback great and Houston Sports Hall of Famer, kicks off episode 1 of the “Dave Ward & Friends” video podcast.

Ward and number seven talk about the iconic “Luv Ya Blue” era and how Houston NFL fans will never forget it. Even though the Oilers are a team in limbo with no connection to the Houston Texans or Tennessee Titans, sports fans still love the blue uniformed team.

While you know Pastorini has an amazing throwing arm, what you might not know is he was almost drafted to the New York Mets!

Dan and Dave also talk about the growing pains the Oilers experienced in the early 1970s and how Coach Bum Phillips was the key to success.

On a personal note, you won’t be believe what “Charlie’s Angels” star Farrah Fawcett wrote to Pastorini on a mirror in lipstick!

These two Houston legends are more than two big Bayou City names, Dan and Dave actually worked together. Dave also called games on the Houston Oilers radio crew from 1972 to 1980. There are some stories about this too and working with the great Anita Martini.

Dan Pastorini goes one on one with Dave Ward

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