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Keeping up with Dave Ward

Dave Ward: “I don’t think we’ll ever see his likeness in our lifetime again”
Dave Ward attended the Houston funeral of President George H.W. Bush on Thursday at St. Martin's Episcopal Church. Continue reading
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Former President George H. W. Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush with Dave Ward.
Dave Ward reflects on his friend George H.W. Bush
Two Houston institutions, Ward and Bush spent the last 50 years in the Houston spotlight. Continue reading
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Dave Ward tours President Bush’s funeral train
Union Pacific granted us exclusive access to the cars that will be carrying the casket and the Bush family from
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President George Bush’s train Bush 4141 will take him on a final ride
After spending years sitting in waiting, President George H.W. Bush's custom-painted train Bush 4141 will take him on a final
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Dave Ward and President George H. W. Bush.
Dave Ward remembers President George H. W. Bush
President George Bush was one of the finest men I have had the honor to know in my lifetime.  Continue reading
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Dave Ward's Houston

A true Texas original, Dave has made his mark as one of Houston’s most respected television news anchors for 50 years. He began every newscast with “Good evening, friends,” and did so for 50 years on abc13 KTRK channel 13.


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Getting the facts right, is what defines Dave Ward.

Dave Ward with Carlos Correa

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Dave Ward with Laura Ward

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Dave Ward as a spokesperson